Feb. 11th, 2005

wyngdlyon: (fukyou)
then to butt into my life.

What the fuck is up with people who have nothign better to do than to spread rumors about things they think they know something about?

I hang out on occassion with a male co-worked who is a good friend of mine and suddenly people start thinking that there's something going on between him and I.

I go to a SCA event with a friend of mine, who incidently fought for me, and suddenly people think there's something going on between us.

I go out to dinner with an ex of mine, doesn't mean that we're rekidling our r

Hello!?!?! I do have boyfriend. Just because we don't live together or go everywhere together, doesn't mean that we're aren't a couple.

I don''t care who you are, you could be the fucking king of England and I'd tell you the same thing. Pull your head out of your ass and mind your own fucking business about my life. Especially when you don't have the fucking balls to come talk to me about it.

Do yourself a favor, get a life and stay out of mine, because the last thing you want me to do is address this with you face to face. I won't mince words if I do.

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